Get to know Mary

I earned my B.A. in Journalism (Public Relations) from the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill (Go Heels!) in 1998. I then earned a law degree from Fordham University School of Law in New York City in 2001 and spent a few years as a litigator in the New York offices of a couple of large, international law firms.


The best part of law school was meeting Matt. We got engaged while studying for the bar and married in 2002. Matt specializes in commercial finance for a Twin Cities-based law firm. I’m lucky to have him as my biggest fan.

Our favorite people in the whole world are Noah, Luke and Grace. Noah spent all of elementary school at Aquila and is now a senior at SLP High School. Luke started school at Aquila and finished 5th grade at Susan Lindgren following a move across town (which he obliged only because he got his own room). He is now a sophomore at the high school. Grace insisted on growing up, notwithstanding her permanent status of the baby of the family, and is excited to be the third Tomback to attend SLP Middle School.


My family has stood behind me at every moment of my time on the School Board. They’ve watched me struggle with upcoming votes, pace the room while on the phone with Superintendent Osei, and return home in near tears after a tough meeting. They’ve seen me “high on life” after a commencement ceremony, jumping up and down with glee after a successful policy change, and engaging in animated conversations with parents or staff members in our schools.

Through the last several years, they’ve listened patiently as I’ve rambled on and on about the challenges AND joys of this job. And they gave me their full support when I decided I wanted to run for re-election. I wouldn’t want to do this without them in my corner.